Mandating vaccines is not the same as “encouraging’ them. Science does not support need for mandates

Aug 17th, 2021

In a campaign stop in Coborg Ontario on the first day of the election, Trudeau politicized the vaccination debate by falsely framing it as a debate between “encouraging” (to use his wording) or not encouraging vaccines. Protests across the country are actually about making the jab and the passport MANDATORY. Trudeau himself spoke against these mandates in January and again this March before flip flopping and now requiring vaccination as a condition to hold a job and feed your family, travel on a plane, go to a store or eat at a restaurant. He has been joined by Erin O’Toole who dumped a Tory candidate for the sin of questioning vaccine passports. This has become a big election issue.

In an earlier post we pointed out that our objection to mandatory vaccination and mandatory vaccine passports was not based on being anti-vaccine, but is a ‘pro-choice’ stance supported by civil libertarian principles.

Here, we want to outline the lack of evidence to support suspending civil liberties by the ‘science-deniers’ of the other political parties and some of the public health bureaucrats.

These science-deniers are trying to instill a State of Fear by pushing no less than six false narratives:

  1. The Covid-19 pandemic is an existential threat. Based on faulty mathematical models, the science-deniers created a state of fear with wildly exaggerated predictions of 2 million US deaths in a first wave. Citizens have been fed such a barrage of panic pornography that the average person in the US believed that 50% of people who tested positive die of the disease, when it is less than 2%. In fact, when you include the asymptomatic, 99.8% of people survive. In fact, since the disease affects the elderly, 99.99% of the young survive and in Canada about 80% of all deaths were nursing home residents who were victims more of an inadequate long-term care health system than of the virus – a fact which those in power are trying to sweep under the carpet by distracting us with …

  2. A Deadly, Devastating Delta-Driven 4th Wave. (everything is scarier when you employ a bit of alliteration). The science-deniers don’t like to show data, but look at this graph of the deaths from the UK which has their waves a few weeks ahead of us,. See the ‘devastating’ 4th wave? No? Get out your magnifying glass. Remember, the UK fully re-opened in the middle of this wave (it was exciting to see the full stadiums of unmasked, partly vaccinated, passport-less fans at the weekend’s EPL footie matches). The numbers this side of the Pond are similarly non-scary. For the past couple of weeks, BC has announced hundreds of new cases but Zero deaths day after day.

  3. The 4th wave is overwhelming our health care system. Once again, the science-deniers are telling a story that is not supported by the numbers. In this plot of Canada’s hospitalizations, you can see that total number of Covid patients in hospital has barely increased. As in the UK, there is no ‘deadly’ 4th wave. In the Interior Health region which is a system of 1,433 beds, a recent count had a total of 31 patients in KGH with Covid – a ‘surge’ of about 2%. Stories come out in the media of overwhelmed health care workers, cancelled surgeries and patients waiting in the corridors. The problem is that we all know from personal or family experience that these issues long predate the pandemic and any strains are due more to the inadequacies of Canada’s failed exclusively public system which ranks last in the world for access to care.

  4. You are at risk of dying because of those selfish unvaccinated people. This bit of scaremongering by the science-deniers ignores the fact that the vaccines in use have been shown to be very effective in preventing all serious illness and death from all types of virus, including the delta variant. Every individual who choses to, can be fully protected by their own actions without forcing other citizens to submit to any procedure or restriction of any sort. It may or may not be a laudable public health goal to encourage people to get vaccinated on the basis of their own self interest, but this will better be achieved by providing the country with more hard data to get informed consent and less lies and misinformation in an attempt to induce panic.

  5. Vacciination stops community spread dead in its tracks. This is the concept of acquired herd immunity. Several health experts are telling us that herd immunity is not achievable and that we are going to have to learn to live with Covid essentially forever as it will become ‘endemic’. The reason for this is that according to the CDC the vaccines do NOT prevent asymptomatic infection even in a fully vaccinated person, nor its subsequent transmission to another person, vaccinated or unvaccinated. This was true in the original variant where the best vaccine allowed 21% of patients to still get Covid, and the data on delta is that these ‘breakthrough’ infections are even more common. However, the science-deniers are pushing the lie that vaccinations are effective in eliminating Covid and that we can get to ‘Covid Zero’.

  6. Unvaccinated people are a ‘pool’ in which new variants can develop through mutation. The science-deniers once again ignore the evidence in point 5 above that the virus continues to spread even in the vaccinated. There is therefore still a pool for the mutations to develop. This claim also ignores the simple fact that the approximately 6 million unvaccinated Canadian thinly spread across this vast country surely are a minor ‘pool’ for mutations compared to the unfortuante situation in the Third World where there are many slums of 4, 5, 6 million people, all unvaccinated in crowded conditions (not to mention ‘wet markets’ in China). If vaccination efforts are required, it is here.

For the above reasons, there is no compelling case to overturn our rights to control medical decisions for our own bodies. This writer is fully vaccinated, and believes very strongly that these jabs are a wonderful way to be protected from a deadly disease. However, it is just as important that we protect our freedoms from governemnts who will use the pandemic as an excuse to take them away. It is worthwhile to recall a bit of history. In the smallpox epidemics that swept across various cities in the USA around 1900, mandatory vaccinations were carried out, often with armed officers rounding citizens up at gunpoint or dragging them out of their rooms and forcibly vaccinating them. One consequence of this campaign was as a precedent to justify the eugenics movement that forcibly sterilized people who were, to use the term of the time, mentally retarded. This was even upheld by the Supreme Court and forced sterilization continued into our lifetimes, only being repealed in Canada in 1971. It was also used as a precedent by the Nazis in Germany in their ‘Final Solution’. By the late 1940’s a movement against mandatory government medical procdures meant that in a smallpox epidemic in New York City in 1947 a mass vaccination of 6 million people was effectively carried out using a public relations campaign that explained the benefits, smallpox being much more lethal than Covid with 33% mortality. By the mid 1970’s smallpox was declared eradicated, all with voluntary vaccinations.

The People’s Party of Canada is ready to support health policies that are based on good science. Unless evidence that they are needed, we will oppose policies that take away our freedoms and civil liberties. The PPC is the only party that will defend your freedom.
























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