The Writ Has Dropped!

Hello Everyone,

The time has come to ramp up for one of the shortest campaigns in Canadian history.

Now that our election has been set for Sept 20th, it's going to get even busier for those that are able to help out and volunteer. Thank you to those that have already contacted me and to anyone else that will be able to pass out leaflets and set out lawn signs. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are able to help out.

I am required to file a fairly large document with Elections Canada called "Nomination Paper". In this I am required to collect 150 signatures in the Kelowna - Lake Country riding. These documents, including signatures, must be filed within a few days in order to have the candidate's name placed on the ballot. Included in this email are the 2 documents for these signatures. One is for a single person, the other for multiple.

If everyone could help with this, we would be assured that the PPC will be represented on the ballot for Kelowna - Lake Country on Sept 20th. It would of course help to get friends and family in the riding to sign as well. Please let anyone know that this document is only to establish that I am a Canadian citizen and not a robot ;)

When you have them filled out, please scan in PDF form and send to right away. If you need me, or a volunteer to pick it up, let me know.

Again, thanks to all for your support and together let's put Canada back in the hands and control of it's wonderful people.

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