Our Candidate, Brian Rogers!

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Max and Brian at party launch in 2019

Hello everyone,

My name is Brian Rogers, I am the candidate for the People's Party of Canada for Kelowna - Lake Country.

I have lived in this valley since the early 70's. Went to primary and secondary school here and my post secondary education was in Kelowna as well. 
I met my wife here and my two children grew into adults here.  This valley is my home.  
I am a journeyman electrician and worked at Western Star Trucks for 25 years, working up to shop steward, which ended when the company was sold.

I watched politicians make their own lives better and do nothing for the Canadian citizen footing the bill. Life is much harder – our living standard is dropping.  We used to be able to have a home and family on one income – now it takes two full time working adults to maintain a household – barely.   

Today a government job is something everyone aspires too….no one wants a job that actually produces a good or service with value – the job that pays the bill - this has got to change.  Those that pay the bill should be honoured not ignored.

I first noticed Maxime Bernier when he was vying for the leadership of the Conservative party. I was disappointed when he lost the race but soon learned he had decided to start a true grass roots party.   At his first meeting in Kelowna, I was there. I believed in the party platform and became a founding member.

I believe passionately in our legal constitution – today, largely being ignored or abused. Over the last 30 years I have studied our constitution; I have become familiar with legal precedent and am outraged at what is happening in our system. 

The regular person needs a voice. 

I'd like to be that voice

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