Our Candidate, Brian Rogers!

Brian Rogers

Hello everyone,

My name is Brian Rogers, I am the candidate for the People's Party of Canada for Kelowna - Lake Country.

I am a Journeyman electrician. I have lived in this valley since the early 70's and I've seen a lot of change. I have gone to school here; elementary, middle, high school and even college. I met my wife here when she moved to the valley to go to school. We met on a blind date in January of 1989 and married in June of 1991. Our children were born here. We have a daughter and a son who have grown up here.

This valley is my home. I worked at Western Star Trucks for 25 years, which ended when the company was sold. I worked hard to get a job and keep my family fed and eventually that led me to becoming an electrician.  

I have worked blue collar jobs all my life. I grew more and more frustrated as the politicians made their own lives better and did squat all for the common guy. Life has gotten harder and we keep electing wolves to watch our herds. Something has got to change.

I first noticed Maxime Bernier when he first was vying for the leadership of the conservative party. I was disappointed when he lost the race. I soon found out that he decided to start a grass roots party and when the first meeting was held in Kelowna , I was there. I believed in the party platform so I became a founding member.

I believe passionately in our legal constitution - which is largely being ignored or abused. Over the last 30 years I have studied our constitution, I have studied legal precedent and become increasingly outraged at what is happening in our system. The regular person needs a voice. I'd like to be that voice.