Hi Everyone,


Just a short word of thanks for your support in the past federal election.  The odds were against us, but we held our ground and gave our friends and neighbours a real alternative to traditional politics.  I hope to reconnect with many of you at upcoming events but until then; let’s continue to stand and fight for Personal Responsibility, Individual Freedom, Fairness and Respect.


John Barr

MEET John Barr

2019 Candidate for Kelowna Lake Country
Helping bring freedom and prosperity to Canada!

Hello I am John Barr.

I am proud to be a son of a World War 2 veteran, and a grandson of Saskatchewan homesteaders. I gratefully acknowledge the sacrifices they made to give all Canadians the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy today.


I am a blue collar, front line oil patch worker in Northern Alberta; and am proud to be a conscientious and responsible part of our world class oil and gas industry.


In 2011 I married my wife Sheri on the beach in Okanagan Centre where she played as a little girl.  Today, we live in Lake Country, close to the beach where we tied the knot.


As you can see, I am not a typical politician. I have stepped up because I am concerned for Canada, agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Bernier, and feel strongly that it is indeed time to “Do Politics Differently”.

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John Barr - Election Brochure - PPC Lake Country Candidate


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