Yes, they actually said this!

You do not have to guess what they think or what they plan for you and our country , when they say what they think out loud.

Here are just are some of the examples of what they have said.

We will present these without comment -- their words speak for themselves.


Of course, there is much else they have left unsaid. 

These are the people who rule over us and want to continue to rule over us. 

Culture Wars.jpg
“Burn it all down.”

Harsha Walia, Executive Director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, commenting on a story about the wave of church arsons sweeping Canada. UPDATE

“All of our institutions are based on colonialism and as such, are systemically racist, including the city and police department”

Kennedy Stewart. Mayor of Vancouver and former MP


The world today needs a Hitler.”

Adeel Raja, CNN Reporter commenting on Hamas terrorist rockets aimed at Jews

"2 plus 2 equals 4 reeks of white supremacist patriarchy. Y’all must know that the idea that math is objective or neutral IS A MYTH,”

Laurie Rubel, Professor of Math Education, Brooklyn College

now actually implemented in Canada:
“a decolonial, anti-racist approach to mathematics education makes visible its historical roots and social constructions.”
New Grade 9 Ontario math curriculum
"Canada could be the first postnational state ... There is no core identity ... in Canada.”

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

"... there's a level of of admiration I actually have for China because (of) their basic dictatorship ..."

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada