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All Zoom Meetings will be in our Zoom Room:
Meeting ID: 661 350 4960
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Virtual Team Meeting

Join us at a regular "Grassroots In The Park" gathering. Bring a lawn chair or a blanket and enjoy a spirited discussion under

The Big Purple Tent.

We are a Big Tent party that is Purple, not blue or red. 
Our Purple Tent is both literal, and a symbol of our values. The People’s Party of Canada brings together common sense, populism, classical conservatism and libertarianism and as such we welcome many viewpoints into our “Big Tent”. We are Purple, and not red/blue or right/left.
Drop by and get to know us

Join us at a regular "Town Hall" Meeting

by either Zoom or at a home.

We discuss and share our views on the issues that concern us.

E-mail us for location details or Zoom invitation