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Please be aware there are two ridings in Greater Kelowna

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Contributors qualify for a generous tax credit on their federal tax return

Contribution             Tax Credit           Actual Cost

 $20.00                    $15.00                      $5.00

$50.00                    $37.50                     $12.50

$100.00                   $75.00                     $25.00

$250.00                  $187.50                     $62.50

$400.00                  $300.00                   $100.00

$500.00                  $350.00                   $150.00

$1000.00                 $558.33                   $441.67

$1600.00                 $650.00                   $950.00

Legal limits on contributions to federal political parties

(Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents only - not corporations or unions) Please note that currently you are allowed to donate up to $1650 to the People’s Party of Canada. You can also donate another $1650, in total, to all the registered riding associations, nomination contestants and candidates of the People’s Party. Yearly maximum credit is $650. It is your responsibility to make sure you comply with the law.


You MUST complete the following form IN FULL, including full name & address,

in order that we may prepare and email your tax receipt.

(You don't need a PayPal acct, you will be given the option to pay by credit card.)