Volunteers Needed!

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and be part of the solution!

Can you give your riding association

2 hours

on weekends, or weekday evenings?

Can you, while volunteering, demonstrate our core values of

Respect, Fairness, Personal Responsibility and Individual Freedom?

Can you support Max and your local PPC by:

  • Sitting around at an event and smile at people?

  • Hand out water bottles along the bike path?

  • Attending an upcoming PPC meeting?

  • Co-Host a backyard, patio, local park, or pub meeting?

  • Co-Host a zoom meeting?

  • Co-Host a coffee break at your work? (a PPC rep with bring Timmies)

Can you promote the PPC by:

  • Putting a PPC lawn sign at your home?
    (promoting our core values of
    Freedom, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness)

Can you donate $$ by:

  • donating at our website? (klcppc.com)

..to help cover the costs of signs, print material, and advertising

Can you support us online by:

  • Follow and like/repost #klcppc items?

  • Read and Share our website content with others (klcppc.com)?

Can you support us with your story:

  • Write a brief paragraph about why you are a PPC'er?

  • Youtube your story and send us the link?

  • Write about why you support a published PPC policy?

  • Volunteer to tell your story at a local PPC small group event?

  • Volunteer your time desktop publishing?