How Can I Help?

We are a grassroots party and do not have the vast resources of the old guard parties, nor the support from corporations or unions. We survive with the enthusiastic support of ordinary citizens like you. 

The best way you can help is to join the party. Not only will your membership fees help us fight for change in Canada, but your active participation makes us a stronger organization.

Becoming a volunteer at any level helps us get our message of freedom and fairness to all Canadians. A few hours of your time makes all the difference.

And of course, we will be a stronger voice for all Canadians when we get to know you and you get to know us. Networking at an event or via our newsletter allows us to make sure our message is heard and we hope you can let family and friends know about us as well.

And, can we ask you at this time for a small donation? By claiming the Tax Credit, a $5 net donation is worth $20 towards our cause.

Join the PPC

Joining the PPC supports us in our goal to make Canada better and gives you a say in the process with voting rights while keeping involved and informed.


We need your help. Working behind the scenes or reaching out to voters. Help us make real change in this country

Meet Us

Come join us at a meeting or attend a public event. As a grassroots organization, we hold frequent casual get togethers to respectfully discuss and exchange ideas.

Keep Updated

Sign up for our newsletters and keep informed on our policies and progress.