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When Government Gets Too Big

This page is under construction, but it might be the most important information on this site. As government grows, it increasingly exists for the sole purpose of controlling everything in society. We plan to collect some of the more outrageous examples of government overreach from the stupid little rules on free enterprise to the restrictions on your free speech.

Bill C-10
Among the page after page of rules in this piece of work is a wonderful section that sets up a government agency to review any private media such as your You Tube videos and ban any they don't like for any reason.

Bill C-36

This bill replaces hate speech as exclusively under the jurisdiction of the Criminal Code where it is precisely defined and allows any board or tribunal to define just about anything as hate speech and levy huge fines.

Lock It All Down -- Except for the Exemptions

Covid lockdowns were not only a devastating waste of time, we could see they made no sense. Independent retailers closed but Walmart open. Churches closed but 'social justice' vigils allowed.  Automatic car washes closed but visitors allowed to vulnerable long term care homes. Cops violently taking down a maskless 15 year-old skateboarder but allowing Kyle Giannis to walk the streets. Golf, boating, drive-in movies -- the list goes on, all banned.

You mean you can't sell your used stuff without Big Brother watching?
Health Canada has the power to regulate garage sales to ensure used electronics sold include a consumer safety guide. This in the Harper government's Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. Do you even still have the manual from that digital camera you bought five years ago? If not you better not list it on Kijiji!
Most countries let their people drink responsibly but not Canada
One wonders how many pages long the regulations on booze sales are? One grocery store will be licensed to sell any type of wine. Another will be licensed to sell local wines. Some might be licensed to sell beer, or some brands of beer. Others will not be licensed to sell any wines or beer. 

None will be licensed to sell any hard liquor. The government-owned store will be licensed to sell all kinds of alcohol as well as beer in specified small quantities and with a restricted choice. Opening hours are specified, locations are restricted, prices are regulated.

Is it really about safety, or do bureaucrats just like to keep busy?

Can't I please have my steak cooked the way I want? Yes, in every single country in the world, but not in Canada. Oh, and you can't have good cheese that hasn't been turned into tasteless rubber to meet government 'safety' requirements. Most other countries manage not to kill off their citizens despite not having all these rules.