What We Believe

The People’s Party of Canada brings together common sense, populism, classical conservatism and libertarianism to create solutions adapted for the challenges of the 21st century.

Our beliefs are succinctly summarized in our four founding principles:
Freedom -- Responsibility --  Fairness -- Respect.

We offer a real, principled alternative to the corrupt establishment parties, which rely on pandering and vote-buying schemes to further their interests and those of lobbyists, rather than those of the people.

We envision a bright future where the government puts Canadians first. Where politicians and bureaucrats get out of your way rather than trying to control the economy and every aspect of your life. Where our country is united in pursuit of common goals instead of being divided by identity politics.

Our Platform in Summary:  

  • No Medical Segregation - No Vaccine Passports!

  • Freedom of Expression - protecting Canadians from Censorship and Discrimination

  • Cutting the Carbon Tax and Leaving the Paris Climate Accord 

  • Public Finance - Balancing the Budget in one term, and being fiscally responsible with your tax dollars

  • Economy - Encouraging Investment and Productivity Growth

  • Indigenous Issues - Forming a New Relationship Based on Mutual Respect

  • Veterans - Standing Behind the Men and Women who Sacrificed for our Country

  • Canadian Identity - Ending Official Multiculturalism and Preserving Canadian Values and Culture

  • Refugees - Ending Open Border Policies and Prioritizing Persecuted Groups

  • Immigration - Reducing Overall Levels and Prioritizing Skilled Immigrants

  • Pipelines - Allowing our Oil and Gas Industry to Grow

  • Foreign Policy - Focusing on the Security and Prosperity of Canadians

  • Global Warming & Environment - Rejecting Alarmism and Focusing on Concrete Improvements 

  • Supply Management - Making Dairy, Poultry, and Eggs More Affordable

  • Internal Trade - Getting Rid of Interprovincial Trade Barriers 

  • Health Care - Giving Provinces the Incentives to Deal with Wait Times and Rising Costs

  • Firearms - Respecting Legal Firearms Owners and Targeting Criminals

  • Equalization - Fairness For All Provinces