“Burn it all down.”

Harsha Walia, Executive Director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, commenting on a story about the violent wave of church arsons sweeping Canada.

We promised we would post the Progressives’ own words without comment, but this one just a few days ago deserves a follow up to show how blatant and unrepentant they are and they just double down on rhetoric that says burning down 45 (and counting) Houses of Worship is good:  


Their response was: “Using a particular turn of phrase in that context left some people with the wrong impression …” There is no context needed here – it was four simple words – 13 letters with no dual meanings.  What part of “BURN. IT. ALL. DOWN.” which is an explicit call to violence, is acceptable? And then … wait for it …. wait for it … wait for it …. yes, here it comes --  the inevitable “if you criticize this call to violence it is because of RRRRACISM.” The organization said it received numerous hateful responses fuelled by the fact Walia is a “woman and a person of colour”. Right … if you think what SHE said was wrong in any way at all YOU are the racist.

Progressives are shameless liars without any moral compass whatsoever.