Over the past 3 years we have seen our Canada slip further into a state of decay.


The Liberal government has our country in a race to the bottom with its policies on globalism.


It matters not what the fringe radicals say, this is our country.  It's up to us to defend it and protect it.


It’s interesting and more than a little concerning when the political left, who are FAR from the majority, are given so much attention by mainstream media. But of course, you never bite the hand that feeds you.  They are the taxpayer funded Liberal’s propaganda machine.  $1.5 billion per year to the CBC, who are now asking for a further $400 million per year, and a $595 million slush fund to go to any media service that wants it – but write what we like or……


Trudeau is attempting to make good on his threat from 2 years ago to silence independent news services using the CRTC to decide what is "Fake News.  Are Canadians not smart enough to know the truth when we hear it?  I say we are.


Our next election will find any conservative news coverage to be greatly curtailed.  We have a battle ahead of us, but it is winnable.


Maxime Bernier is the person best qualified to help repair the damage Trudeau and the Liberal party is inflicting on Canada.  With Maxime spearheading the effort, Canadians will not live under a liberal boot for long.


I am not an elite or a lawyer or any high society member – I am NOT A PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN – I do not intend to become one.  If elected I will be an employee of the citizens and voters of Lake Country.


I am a husband and a father who takes his job seriously; to support my family; give my children a better standard of living than I have had. 


I see our country in the hands of professional politicians and bureaucrats, making laws that suit them to further feather their own nests.


I, like a lot of others in similar conditions, have only been able to sit back and watch as the elites of not only inside our country, but outside as well, have changed Canada into something that the average Canadian can no longer relate to.


The middle class is the majority of the voting public and so many whom I know are simply no longer interested in taking part in elections because they feel their participation no longer makes a difference.   This is a most dangerous political climate. 


Control of our country needs to be back in our hands, where to belongs.


I believe I will bring a lot of these folks back into participation by giving them a candidate that they see as being one of them.


I agree with Mr. Bernier’s stated platform and believe I am more than capable to help Mr. Bernier in the ideas he has for this party and Canada.


I have studied the relation and legal aspects between established rights in

Canada vs. Government control and encroachment; including court decisions that highlight what the governments can and cannot do.


1. Smaller Government

Government at all levels is far too big. Each MP should be required to be more productive.

Their entourage needs to pass the test of common sense and the savings returned to the taxpayers as tax cuts.


2. Revamped Court system

No unelected officials have the right to make law.  Making law is for the MPs who are elected by the people and in a fully sitting parliament.


3. Far less taxes

The majority of the population pays north of 45% of their wages in taxes.  It should be criminal for Government to collect more money than is necessary to maintain identified critical services.  Subsidies and grants and foundation donations and foreign aid lead to corruption.  Government increases in revenue can only come from increased GDP and from a growing taxpayer base.


4. Revamped Immigration policy.

People who want to adapt to our Canada and make it better for all Canadians are welcomed.  Criminals and those that want to change our country to reflect the country they immigrated from are not.


5. Censorship is a tool of a dictator

Individuals have the right to say want they wan; its what allow a discussion/debate to happen.  Canadians should be taught to ask the question ‘Why?”; commons sense, work ethics and the value of a family unit.


6. Our police force must become proactive instead of reactive

Theirs is not to decide if a law should or should not be applied.  If a law is broken, they MUST take appropriate action.


We hope for better futures not only for us but our children as well, and that will not happen unless we stand up to be counted. Stand with me.