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Your EDA is active in promoting the People's Party, its principles and values and our candidates for election to the local and national media. We are not always successful in getting our message heard as many media organizations prefer to suppress our message.

In this section we publish each of the letters we have submitted and the press releases sent to local media and if they were accepted or not.

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Sept 2nd

Dear Sir,
My name is John Barr.  
I have represented the People's Party of Canada locally as both the 2019 Candidate, and as the current President of Kelowna - Lake Country PPC Association.
I would like to submit a proposal to you that should substantially increase your web traffic over the next few weeks.
Would you consider granting columnist privileges to all the confirmed candidates in the local ridings?
This would allow the candidates to clearly articulate their positions, in their own words, on a number of current events directly, and exclusively, through
I will be at your office this morning at 9:30 for our candidate, Brian Roger's, scheduled interview.
If you are interested in discussing, please feel free to text or call me,
In Good Faith,
John Barr

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Sept 2nd

For Immediate release:  Maxime Bernier Coming to the Okanagan 

From: John Barr, President Kelowna-Lake Country PPC Association (KLCPPC)

The Kelowna-Lake Country People’s Party of Canada Association is pleased to announce the upcoming visit of Party Leader Maxime Bernier. In his only Kelowna appearance, Mr. Bernier will be holding a public rally in downtown Kelowna at Stuart Park at 2:30 pm Sunday, September 5th. Mr. Bernier will be speaking about the principles of the PPC and holding a meet and greet with supporters and the public.

The People’s Party of Canada is the fastest growing political movement in Canada, and was founded in 2018 as a mainstream alternative to the established political parties.  We offer common sense policies which put Canadians first, a rollback of government intervention into people's lives, and ideas that will unite the country in pursuit of common goals instead of dividing it by identity politics. 


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Aug 30th

Dear Editor:
The Board and Executive of the Kelowna-Lake Country People's Party of Canada (PPC)
Association is dismayed at recent reports of abusive protests during the national campaign.
We are relieved that PPC members appear not to be involved and we remind everyone that
one of our founding principles is “Respect”.
Passionate, peaceful protest is welcome; but abusive language, aggressive actions, or acts
of vandalism (to signs, etc) are not. Anyone acting in this way, who may claim to support the
PPC, is in clear violation of our fundamental principles and we condemn their actions. Any
Party member found acting in this manner can have their membership suspended.
Since April our local riding association (KLCPPC) has promoted face-to-face dialogue on
current issues, rather than protests. Everyone is invited to join these discussions online, or
in person.
John Barr,