Aug 2nd



Are you better off now than 4 years ago?

There is an imminent federal election coming – if not in the next two months – in the next six months.

Other parties try and hide their platform points/positions till the elections is called saying they are afraid the current government will embrace them – what a poor reason to hide a good position.  If it’s a good position for Canada let them embrace it as their own.  That is the responsibility of good government 

Elect a PPC government and you can be sure that, from Day 1 spending and taxes will go down. Perhaps this will include a 12-month moratorium on any increase in any sort of tax, any sort of users fees, any sort of licenses, any sort application fees; any sort foreign aid, any sort of subsidies; and there will be NO new taxes, services, charges, license fees, application fees, regulatory rules and red tape.

The civil service will undergo a hiring freeze

During the next year a review will be undertaken to determine if current government spending programs are critical and immediately beneficial to Canadians.  Those will be retained pending an efficiency review.  Others will be suspended, curtailed, or eliminated.

Critical and immediately beneficial means ‘will it improve Canadians living standards now; not a year down the road; not six months down the road – tomorrow, next week, next month.’

A party of fiscal responsibility and with a fiduciary obligation to Canadian taxpayers the PPC will rely on economic growth and growth in population to fuel any additional funding – no increase in rates.   

Simultaneously they will undertake to reduce the governments appetite for the Canadian taxpayer dollars so that every year the living standard increases – only one family member should be required to work (doesn’t mean the other one can’t work – individual choice) to meet all the requirements of food, shelter, clothing, health and recreation and above all a reduced demand on the pocketbook of Canadians will return a small semblance of hope of getting ahead.  

“Are you better off now than 4 years ago when the last election was held?”  If the answer is NO then the government should be terminated.   

Vote for the party that is the mostly likely to increase your standard of living and give you and your children hope for a better future than their parents.  

That party is the PPC.